By: Tyler

Product type: Website

Industry: Consumers

Partner looking for: Content Creator

Monthly visitors: 200

Current users: 3

Monthly revenue: $0

Monthly expenses: $0


During a challenging time, we lean on those around us for support, ideas and information. We did so during COVID, and I think we'll do so again in a coming major collapse of the U.S. economy. Us Enduring will be a place of refuge, resources, jobs, assistance and more to get us through.


Product overview is an online community where users can sign up for free to publish their own posts, bookmark/save posts, and comment/discuss on posts.

I was inspired to make this product because of my interest in the economy, specifically the United States economy because that is where I live. I believe that, in the coming months, we may experience the worst economic climate of my lifetime - perhaps rivaling the U.S. Great Depression of the 1930s.

I wanted to make a product to hedge against a poor economy. If the economy does suffer greatly, I want to have a product/platform that I could grow and that would be beneficial for society.

It's content-based, meaning that I want to create content, how-tos and other resources to provide much-needed information about the economy, personal finance, financial assistance, etc. to those who are looking for it. I'm not a financial expert, but my curiosity has helped me to find and learn much more than the average U.S. citizen.

In addition to the website, there's also a newly-created Facebook group that I planned on using to ultimately funnel users to the website.


Currently, the platform is free and there's no current revenue model setup. However, while the primary goal is to help society, the secondary goal is, of course, to profit for my efforts.

I have thought of at least a few possible ways to do this:

  • Business profiles: in addition to the free user profiles, allowing for paid business profiles. They'd pay a monthly subscription fee and could post job openings, current promotions/deals, have sponsored posts, and maybe a few other perks.
  • Business "websites": Small businesses may look to save costs, and may be able to do that by shutting down their existing websites and opting instead for a "site" on I see these being very similar to the posts (for simplicity and standardization), but allowing more options, a logo and navigation menu.
  • Advertising: I'm not as excited about this, but it's an option.

I'm open to suggestions for revenue. For now, I'm trying to focus on growing the platform because we'll need users and visitors before we can generate revenue.

What you're looking for

I'm looking for a content creator and, possibly, someone experienced with growing online communities. I plan on continuing to create content and growing the community, but I'd love to have more help.

You don't have to be an economic or financial expert. In fact, if you go to the site you'll see there are many different categories of content with the potential for much more. You just need to be able to be resourceful and learn enough to produce quality content.

I'd like someone who can be active on an almost daily basis. Producing a few new posts per week and eventually replying to comments, creating new comments, posts on the Facebook group (if we keep going with that, etc).

Future outlook

I'd love to see UsEnduring become a helpful and encouraging resource to many U.S. citizens in a time of need. Help people plan and get ahead, survive and thrive during a difficult economy.

I hope to see a vibrant community where users of all types and backgrounds are posting content, questions and commenting on others content.

From a product standpoint, I expect to get interest from businesses looking to tap into our community, not only gaining exposure to our users but also gaining a public relations boost.

Partnership details

Because the platform is already built, I'm looking to give away about 25% of equity in UsEnduring. However, I understand that the product doesn't currently have any revenue, so I'm open for negotiation.

I'm willing to give a 50/50 split for future profits.

The expenses are currently pretty minimal. The site exists on my web server which hosts a few other sites, and then it's just the domain name. So, I'll be willing to continue covering the expenses.

Other products

I have a few other projects that I'm currently considering for partnership. If you're looking for a bigger opportunity and this seems to work out then I'd be open to considering making this a packaged deal. The other products with pages on MicroPartners are:

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