By: Tyler

Product type: SAAS

Industry: Marketing

Partner looking for: Marketer

Monthly visitors: 100

Current users: 2

Monthly revenue: $19

Monthly expenses: $0


Leverage the power of programmatic SEO to produce thousands of new visitors to your website using our simple, no-code content template and database editor. Connect to your website manually or with our free WordPress plugin.


SEOBrrr is a SAAS that takes the complexity of programmatic SEO and turns it into an easy, code-free editor for non-technical marketers, SEO specialists and content creators.

A user can create a new campaign, import and/or edit data manually, then build a template and populate it with values from their data. They can then preview what the content would look like and get a score for the length and uniqueness of their content.

Refer to this post to learn more about what programmatic SEO is and how it works.


SEOBrrr makes money by users subscribing to one of its plans based on how many pageviews will be needed. Currently, the plans are priced from $19-$69 per month, and there's a custom plan for additional needs.

Right now, I have 1 paying subscriber for $19 per month.

What you're looking for

I'm looking for a marketer to promote this product - perhaps on social media or other relevant channels where marketing professionals and SEO specialists reside. I know that there's a decent market for this product.

We could also leverage content creation and programmatic SEO ourselves. I would be willing to take part in supporting the marketing and content creation as well.

Current product status

SEOBrrr has been launched, is open for paying users and has at least 1 paying user already. Multiple plans are set up for different levels of customers.

Future outlook

At the moment, I think we just need to get SEOBrrr in front of the right market to attain new customers. I think this is a good product as-is, although it could probably be expanded into other areas once we establish a customer base.

Partnership details

I'm currently open to giving up 25% of SEOBrrr's equity for a new marketing partner. The product exists and is accepting paying customers, so I feel like a lot of work has already been done. However, I am humble enough to admit that I need help to make it grow.

I'm willing to give a 50/50 split for future profits.

The expenses are currently pretty minimal. The site exists on my web server which hosts a few other sites, and then it's just the domain name. So, I'll be willing to continue covering the expenses.

Other products

I have a few other projects that I'm currently considering for partnership. If you're looking for a bigger opportunity and this seems to work out then I'd be open to considering making this a packaged deal. The other products with pages on MicroPartners are:

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