By: Tyler

Product type: SAAS

Industry: Businesses

Partner looking for: Marketer

Monthly visitors: 85

Current users: 0

Monthly revenue: $0

Monthly expenses: $0


ArtDefend secures your photography and images on your online portfolio from theft and questionable web crawlers. With ArtDefend, you can be sure that you are the only one profiting from your original artwork.


Over 2.5 billion images are stolen off of websites every day and used or sold on merchandise all over the world. The original artists who created the artwork receive $0 from these sales.

Photographers, artists and other individuals who have created unique imagery are in a difficult position - stuck between needing to promote their work and not let it get stolen and its value lost forever.

ArtDefend is a simple plugin that prevents theft of all types from the website it is installed on. It works by:

  • Preventing right-clicking on webpages
  • Preventing code inspection
  • Preventing screenshots
  • Prevents javascript-disabled browsers
  • Blocks violating users from repeat visits


  • It allows optional image watermarks
  • Adds a copyright notice
  • Warns users
  • Saves data for reporting to user
  • Optionally sends email notifications to site owner

And, to make it really simple, everything is available for a low price of $9 per month (or $90 per year paid annually).


ArtDefend is a SAAS meaning that it makes money for each user that is subscribed, either on a monthly or annual basis. ArtDefend currently has no paying subscribers.

What you're looking for

I'm looking for a marketer to help me promote this product to the right users. I know that there's a market for small business photographers, artists and studios, I'm just not skilled and experienced to crack into this market.

I know that there are a fair amount of users/businesses in this market that would have no problem paying $9 per month for a product like this that would add peace of mind and security.

Current product status

The product is launched and ready for new, paying customers.

Partnership details

I'm currently open to giving up 25% of ArtDefend's equity for a new marketing partner. The product exists and is accepting paying customers, so I feel like a lot of work has already been done. However, I am humble enough to admit that I need help to make it grow.

I'm willing to give a 50/50 split for future profits.

The expenses are currently pretty minimal. The site exists on my web server which hosts a few other sites, and then it's just the domain name. So, I'll be willing to continue covering the expenses.

Other products

I have a few other projects that I'm currently considering for partnership. If you're looking for a bigger opportunity and this seems to work out then I'd be open to considering making this a packaged deal. The other products with pages on MicroPartners are:

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