By: Tyler

Product type: SAAS

Industry: Small businesses

Partner looking for: Marketer

Monthly visitors: 50

Current users: 11

Monthly revenue: $180

Monthly expenses: $0


Bit Mountain's Accessibility plugin helps you make your website ADA compliant with automatic, behind-the-scenes optimization, real-time accessibility recommendations, and an advanced user interface.


I created the accessibility plugin because I was building websites for clients and knew they would benefit from it. They trusted and leaned on me to help them build optimized and compliant websites, so I wanted to ensure that they were doing the best they could from an accessibility standpoint.

It's similar to accessibility plugins from other companies but, from what I've seen, I've been offering it for a much cheaper price. That's mainly because I've tried to be a worthwhile option to small businesses. Maybe that hasn't been the best strategy, but that's where you come in!

I should note that, when I built this plugin, I had ideas for other, similar plugins, so that's what BitMtn is all about. I never fleshed out those other plugins, so it might be worth moving and possibly even renaming this product.


There are currently 11 paying subscribers paying a total of approximately $180 per month. There are multiple plans available based on pageviews required.

What you're looking for

I'm looking for a marketer to help me get this plugin in front of the right people who could benefit from it. I think there's a clear need, and most businesses understand that need once they've been exposed to it. It's just a matter of starting those conversations, I suppose.

Current product status

The product is fully launched and has paying customers.

Partnership details

Since the product is already built and has paying customers, I think it'd be a great opportunity for an experienced marketer looking to make profit.

I'd be willing to split the profit while continuing to pay the expenses (which are rather minor since it's just hosted on my web server which contains other websites). Should the business grow then we might need to reassess expenses because we'd need more bandwidth.

Right now, I'm willing to give 33% equity in the product.

Other products

I have a few other projects that I'm currently considering for partnership. If you're looking for a bigger opportunity and this seems to work out then I'd be open to considering making this a packaged deal. The other products with pages on MicroPartners are:

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