By: Tyler

Product type: Platform

Industry: Tech startups

Partner looking for: Marketer

Monthly visitors: 0

Current users: 1

Monthly revenue: $0

Monthly expenses: $0


MicroPartners is where products find partners. Don't abandon an unsuccessful product launch ever again - find a skilled professional to help you make it profitable instead.


MicroPartners is a marketplace connecting product founders and skilled professionals (e.g. marketers, content creators, developers).

Product creators love to build, but they often don't love to market. So, that means many products get built and abandoned - never turning a profit.

I am a product creator just like this. For years, I have built what I've thought are great products that usually never turned a profit. I'm tired of this vicious cycle and want to find partners to help me grow those products and create recurring revenue.

MicroPartners is for people like that, but also individuals with marketing, content and other skills who would like to be part of the builder community.


MicroPartners is brand new, so there isn't any revenue yet. However, revenue currently works by requiring users to pay to publish their products and profiles and make them public.

This is currently a one-time fee, and users can unpublish and republish whenever they'd like after paying the initial fee.

What you're looking for

I'm looking for a marketer to help me grow and promote MicroPartners. Bonus points if you have an existing community that would make sense to promote MicroPartners to.

Current product status

MicroPartners is currently in a launched status and able to receive new, paying customers.

Future outlook

There might be other avenues that MicroPartners could enter in the days ahead, but for now I'd like to focus on selling our current services and helping users establish partnerships that will help them grow their business.

Partnership details

MicroPartners is brand new, so I'm looking to give up only about 10% of the platform for now. Allocation of profits will likely be similar (10%), but I'll cover the current expenses which include the website and hosting costs.

Depending on how the next few months go, I might be willing to increase this equity, or remove MicroPartners from partnership opportunities all together.

Other products

I have a few other projects that I'm currently considering for partnership. If you're looking for a bigger opportunity and this seems to work out then I'd be open to considering making this a packaged deal. The other products with pages on MicroPartners are:

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