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NameName of the product or business.

TypeGeneral type of the product.

IndustryIndustry or market the product is targeting.

Looking ForType of partner the product creator is seeking.

EquityApproximate percentage of equity the product creator is willing to give up for partnership.

VisitorsCurrent monthly website visitors.

UsersCurrent users.

RevenueCurrent monthly revenue.

ExpensesCurrent monthly expenses.

Name: MicroPartners

Product type: Platform

Target industry: Tech startups

Looking for a: Marketer

Equity offering: 10%

Monthly visitors: 0

Current users: 1

Monthly revenue: $0

Monthly expenses: $0

MicroPartners is where products find partners. Don't abandon an unsuccessful product launch ever again - find a skilled professional to help you make it profitable instead.

Name: SEOBrrr

Product type: SAAS

Target industry: Marketing

Looking for a: Marketer

Equity offering: 25%

Monthly visitors: 100

Current users: 2

Monthly revenue: $19

Monthly expenses: $0

Leverage the power of programmatic SEO to produce thousands of new visitors to your website using our simple, no-code content template and database editor. Connect to your website manually or with our free WordPress plugin.

Name: ArtDefend

Product type: SAAS

Target industry: Businesses

Looking for a: Marketer

Equity offering: 25%

Monthly visitors: 85

Current users: 0

Monthly revenue: $0

Monthly expenses: $0

ArtDefend secures your photography and images on your online portfolio from theft and questionable web crawlers. With ArtDefend, you can be sure that you are the only one profiting from your original artwork.

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