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NameName of the product or business.

TypeGeneral type of the product.

IndustryIndustry or market the product is targeting.

Looking ForType of partner the product creator is seeking.

EquityApproximate percentage of equity the product creator is willing to give up for partnership.

VisitorsCurrent monthly website visitors.

UsersCurrent users.

RevenueCurrent monthly revenue.

ExpensesCurrent monthly expenses.

Name: BitMtn Accessibility

Product type: SAAS

Target industry: Small businesses

Looking for a: Marketer

Equity offering: 33%

Monthly visitors: 50

Current users: 11

Monthly revenue: $180

Monthly expenses: $0

Bit Mountain's Accessibility plugin helps you make your website ADA compliant with automatic, behind-the-scenes optimization, real-time accessibility recommendations, and an advanced user interface.

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